Escape Hunt Gold Coast: Heist in the Art Gallery [Review]

Logos-for-website_0025_ESCAPE_HUNT_GOLD_COAST_LOGOLocation: Escape Hunt Experience Gold Coast, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Date completed: April 2015 (2 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 5; Difficulty: 6.5; Atmosphere: 7; Fun: 7.

Knowledge requirements: Fluent English and Arithmetic.

Heist in the Art Gallery  is the ‘hard level’ difficulty room at Escape Hunt Experience Gold Coast. The difficulty for this room definitely turned up a notch after Kidnapped on the Beach and  Murder in the Cellar.  In this room, you play detectives trying to discover who has been committing art theft from a gallery in under an hour.

We definitely felt the clock ticking on this one!

Heist in the Art Gallery departs from the previous two rooms in Escape Hunt Gold Coast as the players are sent into a bare gallery with art on the walls and a bench in the room. We both felt the difficulty increase immediately on entering.

The room is well decorated, even though it had far less props. Art galleries are not renown for being cluttered, right? This actually increased the authenticity of the Heist in the Art Gallery. The moment we went in, it resembled an empty private gallery with little in it other than exhibits and a bench added to the atmosphere – and the puzzles themselves. Locks were in good condition when we played it in April 2015.

Compared to Kidnapped on the Beach and Murder in the Cellar, the puzzles and clues in this room were less obvious, patterns harder to discern and this room did require more detailed searching. It was also good to see a mixture of logic in the puzzles from pattern analysis to arithmetic. The white board provided to write down clues was almost not enough to keep all the information we had!

As per the other Escape Hunt Gold Coast rooms, the staff were excellent and provided good hints when asked without ruining the atmosphere.

The puzzles in this room were very challenging for beginners and probably for more experienced players as well.  Again, fluent English is essential in understanding some of the puzzles in this room. The room is playable with only two players although we did finish this only with seconds to spare even with a few hints 😀

This was our last room with Escape Hunt Experience Gold Coast and we would like to thank them for a very enjoyable introduction to the world of escape rooms!

Heist in the Art Gallery has since been retired and replaced with The Lost Weapon.

Out of the room

Service: As mentioned in other reviews, staff in Escape Hunt Experience Gold Coast were friendly and patient with first-timers. They provided excellent service (tea, biscuits in breaks, nice chat) and were happy to provide good tourist advice for local restaurants and public transport. There a fantastic burger place just a few meters ahead the escape rooms.

Communication: Escape Hunt franchise standard, using walkie-talkies to provide hints. Staff were not intrusive.

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