Clue Hunter Valencia: Mystery in Prof. Wachowski’s Office [Review]


Location: Clue Hunter, Valencia (city centre), Spain

Date completed: May 2015 (4 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 7.5; Difficulty: 7; Atmosphere: 7.5; Fun: 9.

Knowledge requirements: Game can be played in English, Spanish or Italian. Like any lab, knowing science helps!

Other requirements: 2-5 players

You’d think that being locked in a room with in-laws for an hour,  with multiple native languages (Trapspringer – English, everyone else – Portuguese), would be the basis of some sort of crazed comedy. Add a mad scientist really angry at you and only one hour to escape his office! What? We have secondary objectives as well?  

Clue Hunter’s Mystery in Prof. Wachowski’s Office, in Valencia (Spain), is a good example of how creativity can make even a seemingly boring environment (an office) an exciting, fast paced race against time.

We played Mystery in Prof. Wachowski’s Office  with four players: Trapspringer, Pa and her parents (Trapspringer’s in-laws). Despite the language differences, we had a great time! The awesome thing about Clue Hunter is that they cater for players who can speak either Spanish, English or Italian.

Well illuminated, ordered, neat, pristine – the Office is very different from many of the dark settings used in many other escape rooms and one could be forgiven for mentally translating that to an easier one. This fit the theme of the room but appearances are deceiving. Very soon, our team of four found itself dealing with puzzles which are multi sensory and multi logic (mechanical, spatial, pattern analysis). There aren’t just a few good puzzles in this room, there are many of them and the sheer number of good non-linear challenges is something that we found common to all the rooms from Clue Hunter.


All of the puzzles matched the decor and none of it felt out of place. Some were so well blended that surprised us (“Is THIS a clue?”). The puzzles were also in excellent condition. We did not ask for any hints, but our dedicated gamemaster (a lovely lady called MaFer) was spot on in providing clues on a screen when we were stuck at some point. Not intrusive, and really well-timed for a beginner group that wanted some challenge.

It was the first room Pa’s parents ever played and they loved it. We had originally booked only this room, but the experience was so good that we decided to come back the next day and play another. Our next challenge with Clue Hunter was quite different: to escape a maniac butcher when we got Caught in the Basement.

Out of the room

Service: The staff at Clue Hunter are extremely patient and accommodating to tourists. We received briefings in English (for Trapspringer) and in Spanish (for everyone else) and the game was set with English as the master language and this helped us immensely. The fact that they can set the game up for either English, Spanish or Italian would be useful for anyone looking to play with friends met whilst travelling.

Bonus points for the lovely lockers decorated with famous detective characters profiles. We chose Hercule Poirot, but Sherlock Holmes and Detective Conan we also very appealing.

Communication: The provision of clues was deftly provided through a TV screen in the rooms and the hosts only provided hints to us when we were really stuck (for which we were grateful).

Tourism: Clue Hunter is located in the heart of Valencia, Spain, near the city’s splendid cathedral. You can easily fit a room from Clue Hunter in your schedule if you are looking to travel around Valencia city centre. Food is pretty good there too. Make sure you try the local drink, a nut juice called “horchata”.


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