Clue Hunter Valencia: Caught in the Basement [Review]

IMG_5450_2Location: Clue Hunter, Valencia (city centre), Spain

Date completed: May 2015 (4 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 8; Difficulty: 7; Atmosphere: 8; Fun: 8.


  • Briefing can be given in English, Spanish or Italian. No language skills required during the game.
  • 3-5 players.
  • Not recommended for kids under 14 (minors accompanied by adults).

Being Caught in the Basement of a serial killer with only one hour to get out, before he comes back. That is the simple (but effective) premise of this escape room from Clue Hunter. Think of it as a lighter version of escaping a dungeon from Saw.

What is that in the fridge?!

Caught in Basement manages to immerse players almost instantly into gameplay. We were surprised with the slick transition of the game briefing to being trapped in a basement (without the use of blindfolds and cuffs or anything like that….. it just…. happened!).

Unlike Mystery in Prof. Wachowski’s Officethe setting of the Basement is distinctly predatory and players are constantly reminded of the price of failure. It is gory, many times dark and it has some very narrow areas. The puzzles blend well into the setting, however, this room is far more upfront and far less subtle than the Office. But not in a bad way: the killer has challenged you.


Like the other Clue Hunter rooms, the puzzles are a mix of different types of logic, observation and non-linear reasoning. Teamwork is essential to escape. Groups tackling this room would benefit from having a variety of skills, physical stature and intelligence. This was one of those rooms where the unique abilities of all four players were essential in our playthrough: we had two engineers, a journalist and a soldier and no one was spare change. In some cases, it was impossible to go through alone – you needed at least two people to tackle a puzzle.

Similar to Eastern European style rooms, breaking a puzzle in the Basement meant identifying its different parts, solving multiple problems beforehand, or noticing subtle hints in the environment.

This is a great ‘escape the murderer’ room. It may not be the scariest, but it flows smoothly. Clue Hunter did an good job creating a thrilling experience.

Out of the room

Service: The staff at Clue Hunter are extremely patient and accommodating to tourists. We received briefings in English and Spanish, as per our choice. When we played, free bottled water was given to players.

Bonus points for the lovely lockers decorated with famous detective characters profiles. We chose Hercule Poirot, but Sherlock Holmes and Detective Conan we also very appealing.

Communication: Clues were provided through a TV screen in the room, only when we were really stuck.

Tourism: Clue Hunter is located in the heart of Valencia, Spain, near the city’s splendid cathedral. You can easily fit a room from Clue Hunter in your schedule if you are looking to travel around Valencia city centre. Food is pretty good around there too. Make sure you try the local drink, a nut juice called “horchata”.


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