Clue Hunter Valencia: Murder in the Train [Review]

IMG_5450_2Location: Clue Hunter, Valencia (city centre), Spain

Date completed: May 2015 (4 players). Failed escaping… sort of!

Creativity: 8.5; Difficulty: 9; Atmosphere: 7.5; Fun: 8.


  • Game can be set to either English, Spanish or Italian. Once set, there is a lot of reading throughout the game.
  • 3-5 players.

Murder in the Train  places players in a similar situation of a famous novel in which a murder happens in a certain famous train and you must solve it before it reaches the next stop, in one hour.

This room requires players to not only solve puzzles for the sake of getting more clues and opening up new areas, it also requires them solve an actual crime. Where? When? Who? How? Why? There are some very unique elements to this game and it is a good challenge for full teams.

Even with four people, we had a difficult time covering everything due to the size of this escape room, which is very large. The entire ‘room’ actually feels like a train carriage with different sections. It is beautifully decorated. Go for the largest team you can!

We had 3 people solving the puzzles, which allowed us to access the suspects profiles hidden throughout the carriage in the form of QR Codes. With a tablet, we then scanned them to reveal suspects’  testimonies and other clues. The fourth member of the team was compiling all that information, reconstructing the crime scene and analysing the suspects themselves.

In the end, although we solved all puzzles, we missed a tiny but extremely important piece of information about the crime. We didn’t succeed, but we didn’t completely fail either – our reconstruction of the crime was 90% accurate.

I (Trapspringer) found these game mechanics to be unique for an escape room and wanted to give a higher score for Creativity. On the other hand, Pa found the plot too similar with that famous mystery novel/movie and that the puzzles could be predictable for experienced players. In the end we averaged our scores for creativity at 8.5 (which is still very high).

Very different, but also very fun, like the previous rooms we played there: Prof. Wachowski’s Office and Caught in the Basement.

Out of the room

Service: The staff at Clue Hunter are extremely patient and accommodating to tourists. We received briefings in English and Spanish, as per our choice. When we played, free bottled water was given to players.

Bonus points for the lovely lockers decorated with famous detective characters profiles. We chose Hercule Poirot, but Sherlock Holmes and Detective Conan we also very appealing.


Communication: Clues were provided through an intercom for when we were stuck. The Clue Hunter game masters left us alone for most of the game and were very responsive when we requested help.

Tourism: Clue Hunter is located in the heart of Valencia, Spain, near the city’s splendid cathedral. You can easily fit a room from Clue Hunter in your schedule if you are looking to travel around Valencia city centre. Food is pretty good around there too. Make sure you try the local drink, a nut juice called “horchata”.

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