Trapt: Prison Break [Review]

TraptLocation: Trapt, Melbourne CBD, VIC, Australia

Date completed: Nov 2015 (2 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 6; Difficulty: 3.5; Atmosphere: 6; Fun: 8.


  • Fluent English.
  • Local (Australian) knowledge
  • 45 minute room

First up, we really did like playing this room. The scores may not seem high, but these guys did an extremely good job with a simple room. This is a good ‘intro room’ for rookies or if you only had a short time in Melbourne.

That was exactly the case for us. Our bus to the airport would leave in one hour, and Trapt is not far from Southern Cross station. Why not try breaking out of a prison, then? 😀

That’s the plot: You were incarcerated and want to escape. Game on!

Like most other rooms of the ‘prison break’ genre, Pa and I (Trapspringer) were blindfolded and led into separate cells from which we started. Once the blindfolds were off we found bare cells with almost no light. We actually wondered “Are there even puzzles here?” in the first minute.

Pa and I usually play as a pair as we leverage of each other’s strengths: she’s brains, I’m search. In instances where we are separated, we generally don’t perform that well (we did horribly in PANiQ-ROOM’s Supercell 117 and got off to a slow start in Riddle Room’s Nightmare Room). After some searching we found a light source and quickly discovered a way out of our cells.


The puzzles in Prison Break mostly require observation, pattern analysis and logical reasoning. English language skills are essential too if you are to escape. In one instance, knowledge of something very Australian is required. If you are a tourist/backpacker/temporary student coming along to this, bring an Australian or someone who has lived here a very long time. I seriously doubt foreigners will get the reference to the puzzle I am talking about but it was cleverly done and a nice addition to the mix.

The puzzles in this room are not hard but the 45 minute time window certainly helps move teams along.

Despite the simplicity of the setting, Trapt has managed to create a pretty intimidating environment resembling a dark late-19th/early 20th century jail. We were not far from Old Melbourne Gaol, after all. Prison Break is fast paced and escape room newcomers will enjoy this. Experienced players could get a kick out of trying to finish as quick as they can. We did that and it wasn’t even out of some sense of vanity. We had a plane to catch and needed to get to  Southern Cross station preferably with a bit more time rather than running there!

I suppose I forgot to mention the fact that Trapt is also a pub. How about that? Finish an escape room and go for a pint straight after! Alternatively, experienced players could try Prison Break while breaking the cardinal rule of escape rooms of not drinking beforehand! I’d be interested to hear about the antics of those who have tried this (no spoilers if you are going to post in comments below 😉 ).

This room was a satisfying end to our Melbourne escape room marathon and we will surely go back to try the other rooms.

Note: Prison Break has since been retired and was recently replaced by Prohibition. For our other reviews on escape rooms at Trapt, click here.

Out of the room

Service: We appeared at Trapt with no booking and asked if there was a room available. The whole thing was on a whim. Even so, the staff  was super nice, efficient, and set up the room pretty quickly. The briefing was straightforward and professional.

There is a coatroom for personal belongings. The best thing is that they can prepare a drink afterwards (or before…).

TRAPT-BarA nice place to share  drink afterwards. (Source:

Communication: A walkie-talkie radio is provided to facilitate communications with the staff. We were  occasionally asked how we were doing and they were quick and responsive when we had questions about the rooms.

Surroundings: Trapt is located in the Melbourne CBD. It is easily accessible by tram and within walking distance of the major train stations there. It is also very easy to find good food around the area.

Do you want to read more about other Trapt rooms? See what the Escape Room Hunters wrote about them.

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