PANiQ-ROOM, The Rocks: Supercell 117 [Review]

paniqLocation: PANiQ-ROOM, The Rocks, Sydney , NSW, Australia

Date completed:  Oct 2015 (2 players). Failed miserably!

Creativity: 7; Difficulty: 9 (with 2 players); Atmosphere: 7.5; Fun: 7.


  • Fluent English required
  • 2-6 players. (We recommend 4+)

Supercell 117 may seem to have a similar start to other “prison break” rooms. I was locked in the dark by myself again.  I could hear my heart and touch things around. There is a bunk bed here, and a toilet. But it does not work.

I yelled to Trapspringer, who was incarcerated somewhere else in that prison. There were metallic sounds coming from his side. When the light came on, we saw how elaborate this place would be. That’s how we started a great escape room, but our biggest failure of all time!

Escape rooms generally require good teamwork. In Supercell 117 it is essential, because your team starts split up between two prison cells. To escape, you will have to make sense of things you find on both sides, many times without actually seeing them. As we only had two players, not being able to combine our strengths for a large part of the game became a BIG challenge for us.

Paniq room-12

So we advanced in baby steps through the many and varied puzzles. You need to find cleverly hidden items (do you remember all those Prison Break episodes?), try different points of view, solve mechanical and logical puzzles. It is probably an advantage to have a diverse team in terms of experience, skills and body sizes to tackle this room. Supercell 117 also makes you think a lot about the way you communicate and how other people interpret information. Descriptions like “I found some stuff here, kinda weird, yeah, big too” probably won’t work.

Many times we had to use hints, which arrived in a very unique and noisy way. Staff in PANiQ-ROOM were very attentive and help came with good timing.

The setting is inspired by modern day prison cells (unlike Trapt’s Prison Break, which resembled a 19th century one). There are many props inside and your team will need to have a method to process them if you are to get out in time.

Paniq room-8

This room is probably an excellent event for corporate games. Even though we failed, we had fun and the puzzles were very enjoyable. When the ‘guard’ returned, at 60 minutes, Trapspringer and I were still trying to escape. We would certainly be charged and would have to stay there for much, much longer…

Out of the room

Service: Staff was friendly, briefing was efficient and during the game they always had an eye on us. After we failed, the host Martina showed us the next steps on how to get out and we had a good laugh at our mistakes at the beginning.

Communication: This particular room has a very unique way of communication with the gamemasters. I’ll call it the “Bucket of Doom” and leave it at that.

Paniq room-1

Surroundings: Paniq-Room is located in the The Rocks and we went there on a weekend when The Rocks markets were on. The food stalls and the cafes in the area are excellent. At any day of the week, The Rocks is a very touristic point with good options for eating and sight seeing. If you’re going to be around at night, we recommend going on the local ghost tour nearby, which talks about the eery and colourful stories from Sydney’s past.

For other points of view on Supercell 117, check out the reviews from Escape Rooms in Sydney, the one from All Access: Guide to Sydney’s Escape Rooms, Escape Room Explorers or another from Escape Room Hunters.

After our stroll in the markets, we went back into PANiQ-ROOM to try their Abandoned Military Bunker on the RocksPANiQ-ROOM also have a third room, Sens3s, which we played in 2016 and thoroughly enjoyed.


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