X-Door Valencia: White & Black [Review]

Location: X-Door, Ciutat Vella, Valencia, Spainjuego-ocio-valencia1

Date completed: May 2015 (4 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 9; Difficulty: 8.5; Atmosphere: 7; Fun: 9.


  • No language skills required
  • 2-6 players

We joke that our first puzzle in X-Door Valencia was to find the venue. It is located in a large street of the Old City of Valencia where the numbers of each side of the road do not match. Do not be fooled by that and do not arrive late for this great room!

We booked White &Black with X-Door first as it was listed as their ‘easier’ room. Before starting, we asked in which languages the game could be played, as once more we were playing with my parents (who speak Portuguese) and Trapspringer (who speaks English). The staff smiled at us and said “I can speak to you in Spanish or English, but for the game you don’t need any language skills”. He was telling the truth: this game does not require a word of anything.  All puzzles are cleverly done in a way that no reading or writing is necessary.

This not mean it was easy at all.

White & Black is an Escape Room in the literal sense. You are locked inside and your goal is to solve puzzles to open your way out in one hour. No plot, only a great gym session for the brain.

Once we entered, the room looked like a normal old-fashioned living room, with dark wood furniture and objects, such as a sewing machine. Then you start exploring and puzzles jump at you from every corner. This room is impossible to be solved alone and probably very hard with only two people. Four was a good size.


The props used at White & Black are great: beautiful, easy to use and very well integrated with the scenario. And everything, at some point, seemed to become part of the game. There were plenty of logical puzzles, some hide and seek, a little bit of Maths, “Where’s Waldo” and a sprinkle of magical technology.

Only a few of the puzzles in this room were particularly hard (though we took some time to find out what to do with one of the objects and found out by accident, generating many laughs). However, there are so many components and layers to the puzzles that time becomes a challenge. At points, we had each one of us tackling a different task. The game is not very linear, which allows simultaneous work.


This room had quantity, quality and the bonus of being very well decorated. We escaped with few minutes to spare, with our hearts beating fast of excitement. Staff gave us bottles of water for free, which were very welcomed.

We had so much fun that we just needed to jump straight into their harder room: Colours.

Out of the Room

Service: Staff was friendly, briefed us very well in English and took photos with our cameras. He was also very attentive to our game, because (see below) the few hints we needed were very precisely given.

Communication: Hints were given through a screen located inside the room only when we were stuck. They came in the form of pictures, drawings and images. Reading was not needed. Our hints were extremely precise, a nice indication that the gamemaster was following each of our steps.

Surroundings: X-Door is located in the centre of Valencia, not too far for the Central Market, and 10 min walk from main attractions such as the Cathedral and the Ceramic Museum. During the day there are plenty of restaurants around. We played at night, but even after midnight we found a nearby McDonald’s to have a snack.

For those who can read Spanish (Castilian), this room has also been reviewed by Unlocker Monkeys.

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