Escape 60′ Vila Olímpia: Rescue Operation [Review]

Location: Escape 60‘ Vila Olímpia, São Paulo (SP), Brazil logo-escape60

Date completed: October 2015 (5 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 7.5; Difficulty: 6; Atmosphere: 7.5; Fun: 8.5


  • Either fluent English, Portuguese or Spanish
  • 4-8 players
  • Good search skills and observation


Families that escape rooms together stays together, and my beautiful family and I (Pá) were ready to face a third challenge at Escape 60′ Vila Olímpia. This time we opted for the medium-difficulty Rescue Operation. The story is interesting: there is a serial killer in the city, and every night he murders someone at midnight. You were calm at home, until you found out that your cousin, who was visiting from out of town, disappeared. You rush to the hotel where she was last seen. It’s 11pm, so you and the police must hurry to find out what happened to her!

Of all the rooms we played at Escape 60′, Rescue Operation was my favourite. The flow of the game was excellent, puzzles were creative and there was enough for the five of us (mom, dad, sister, brother in law and me) to do. Do you think you would go nuts being locked in a room with your parents for one hour? Well, I’m lucky – I was raised by puzzle lovers! 😀


One thing that makes Rescue Operation interesting is that it is very credible. The story happens in a hotel room, and Escape 60′ did a god job replicating a 2-star old hotel room that you would find in any western city, with its tacky wallpaper and a bathroom. Bed linen, paintings on the wall, a landline phone and the items in the drawer: everything matches the setting. If it were not for the puzzles, you would actually think you were in a hotel room – most of them actually involve the items around you and blend well with the environment.

I recall two puzzles that are so well blended in the setting that we kinda said ‘ooohhh…’ when we figured them out. For one of them we actually needed a hint – we passed close to it a few times and never checked! The gamemasters said that one is often overlooked by most players, and we could see why!

sala-4-090501Can these objects shed some light over the mystery? (Image source: Escape 60′ website)

Rescue Operation has a predominance of pattern analysis and logical puzzles (which are my personal preference), however there is creative hide and seek and clever interaction with the hotel room. There are many types of locks and here I thank the gamemaster, who properly taught us how to use a directional lock! It was useful knowledge for many rooms that came afterwards!

For our group, the flow of the game was extremely smooth, with no puzzle taking too long or too short to be solved. They were all well linked with the plot and the setting, and the final puzzle, despite being simple, was pretty cool!

This room can very easily accommodate 4-8 players as the venue recommends, however, I would suggest playing with 4-6. As other rooms in Escape 60′, Rescue Operation is a low-tech room, but this does not reduce the fun. We played this room with 5 people and there was plenty to do. I remember crawling under the bed to look at the slates (yeah, we are thorough!) while my sister checked the linen, her husband the curtains, my mum was dealing with the drawers and dad checked the bathroom.

Despite the ‘normal’ appearance, this room is very fun and I would recommend it for beginners and experienced players. To read more about Escape 60′ Vila Olímpia, check our reviews of Death Row and Laboratory of Dr. Mortare.


Out of the Room

Service: The staff at Escape 60’were very friendly and willing to talk to us, even though the place was quite full. No group went unattended. There was also at least one gamemaster for each room.

The venue has a medium-sized waiting area with a soft drink machine for purchases. There are lockers for personal belongings outside the rooms.

Communication: Hints are given through a sound system in the room when the gamemaster notices you are stuck.

Surroundings: Vila Olímpia is a business district in São Paulo with a buzzing night life. The venue is very close to some fast-food options and a 5 min drive (15 min walk) from a fancy Shopping Centre.

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