RUSH Escape Game: Mission: Possible [Review]

Rush Escape Game - Escape Room in MelbourneLocation:
RUSH Escape Game, South Yarra, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Date completed: November 2015 (2 players). Failed (but got through with extra time… sort of)!

Creativity: 8; Difficulty: 8.5 (for two people)Atmosphere: 8; Fun: 7.5


  • Fluent English
  • 2-6 players


If you can measure escape rooms by puzzle density, RUSH Escape Game’s Mission: Possible  has to rate as one of the higher density rooms with a large amount of puzzles per square foot. This tough escape room has players inside a bank vault to retrieve a microchip containing secret information and passports belonging to deep-cover agents (ala The Americans) within one hour. Failure to do so may drastically hinder attempts to retrieve them.

Set inside a limited space of the bank vault, Mission: Possible immediately propels players into the setting with exciting music and a well decorated room fitting for the theme. In keeping with the pop cultural espionage genre, the puzzles in this game also match the setting and there is even a sprinkle of technology to give it a slightly high tech edge.

One of the most immediate elements of this setting are the presence of many strongboxes in the vault. The amount of puzzles and challenges that players will have to overcome is very clear from the start and this can be quite daunting.

The large amount of safes, however, does not mean that you will be searching for number combinations all the time. The gamemasters made a good job in developing creative ways to get the codes. For those who say ‘locks are boring’, this room clearly shows that good ideas fix this.

Mission: Possible is still one of the harder rooms we have played. I don’t know why the ‘secret agent’ genre inspires such difficult escape rooms which throw puzzles at you like Tetris chucking odd shaped bricks at high speed. Similar to Unexpected Exit’s Terror Cell or PANiQ Room’s Abandoned Military Bunker on the RocksMission: Possible does not let up at any point in the game and is loaded with tasks all the way to the end.

Mission possible

Individually, the puzzles and challenges in this scenario are not overly difficult and consist of simple tasks requiring focus, correctly interpreting instructions, following them and some deductive logic. Good game design of the puzzles also means that larger teams can tackle completely separate streams of puzzles at the start. However, when you combine all these puzzles together and use the setting to create a thrilling atmosphere, Mission: Possible suddenly becomes much harder. The music is set to make your heart pump faster, the puzzles make you go around the room, their numbers demand you are quick about it. It’s all designed to get your adrenaline up.

To be all zen about this, this game makes players place pressure upon themselves. This isn’t a negative assessment of the game and is rather an indication that the game designers have succeed in their objective.

Fair warning, you will likely need a decent team to get through this and good teamwork is absolutely essential in completing the numerous tasks. Playing the room with only two players was a bit more than we could chew. Luckily, the gamemaster allowed us some extra time to retrieve the passports and microchip, which we were successful in doing after a while.


Out of the room

Service: The staff at RUSH were friendly and approachable. We had a good chat with them after our games there and they were also very enthusiastic about escape rooms. Aaron and Chloe gave us pretty solid recommendations of which venues to go to and which ones to avoid, and a

Communication: Walkie talkies are used and the staff at RUSH paid very close attention to our progress. They communicated with us when we were stuck and were not nosy or intrusive in the way they went about it.

Surroundings: RUSH is quite close to tram stops at South Yarra and is easy to get to. The surrounding area has good cafes and a tasty 1950’s style burger joint which the staff recommended (and which we found served pretty good burgers).

Mission: Possible has also been reviewed by Escape Rooms in Melbourne and Escape Room Hunters. This escape room has also been licensed to Expedition Escape Rooms in Canberra, where it is called Mission: Identity. You can find our review of that room here.

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