Escape Hunt Melbourne: The Tram Bomb Heist [Review]

Location: Escape Hunt Experience Melbourne, Melbourne CBD, VIC, Australia Logos-for-website_0016_ESCAPE_HUNT_MELBOURNE_LOGO

Date completed: November 2015 (2 players). Succeeded

Creativity: 6; Difficulty: 3.5; Atmosphere: 5.5; Fun: 7.


  • Fluent English
  • Basic arithmetic
  • 2-5 people

The Tram Bomb Heist, located in Melbourne CBD, was the first room we played in a escape room marathon we did last year in Melbourne. It was a good choice: we had just landed in the city, it was still early and brains were not at full speed. Escape Hunt tends to have rooms more on the conventional side of spectrum, so it’s seems a nice place to start if you are playing many rooms in a row, or if you are new to escape rooms to begin with.

The story happens in a very iconic Melbourne setting: a tram. If you ever visited the city, you know how they take you everywhere. So, you are the detectives who must find who planted a bomb in a newly-inaugurated tram line before it explodes, in 60 minutes. Yeah, we did it. And quick enough to catch the suspect and enter this room’s top 5 quickest list! Huzzah!

I’ll be fair and say this about The Tram Bomb Heist: the puzzles were easy. They still required some thinking, but nothing was too challenging. This room is very family friendly, and kids will be able to actually contribute. Experienced teams may think it’s TOO easy but hey, it’s nice to have rooms that everyone can have a grasp, right?

The setting was nice: it looked like the inside of a tram and had furniture that matched the theme. There was some hide and seek to be done, the traditional number locks, jigsaws, some patterns to identify and an interesting tactile puzzle (Or at least we solved it as a tactile puzzle, I wonder if there were other ways to do it). Also, be ready for some simple arithmetic.

People who are familiar with the city and some old Melbourne history may save some time in some puzzles, but no knowledge of the place is mandatory to play Tram Bomb Heist. However, you have to be an English speaker, as there are written instructions to follow.

tram-melbourne-EH(Image source: Escape Hunt Melbourne website)

Before entering the room, we were initially afraid that there would be a repeat of our experience at Escape Hunt Sydney room, where we saw worn props. This was not the case at Escape Hunt Melbourne. There are signs that a lot of people have been in that room, however, everything was ok. Our only issue was a combination lock that would not turn as one of its rows was stuck. We alerted the gamemaster, who came into the room and quickly fixed it. She also gave us the minutes we lost back on the clock.

The game had a nice flow and the transition from one area of the room to another was smooth. Experienced escape room players veterans might not see anything new here, but this room can be fun as long you are in it purely to have a good time and not for the  challenge.  We finished Tram Bomb Heist in 28 minutes (less than half the allowed time) and made it on the top 5 quickest of the room. Yay!

Our gamemaster was the only staff at the venue when we played this room, and she managed us and another group at the same time quite well. She was also very pleasant to talk to and was curious about other escape room venues. I’m really sad I forgot to write down her name, after all her work in making us feel very comfortable despite the stuck lock hickup. She also served biscuits and tea.

After Tram Bomb Heist, we also played Secrets of the Brewery and Abduction in the Graveyard.

Tram Bomb Heist was retired in April 2016 and replaced with Law and Disorder. For a room with a similar level of difficulty in Melbourne, we recommend Trapt’s Prison Break.

Out of the room

Service: The staff at Escape Hunt Melbourne was very friendly, made us comfortable at the venue’s nice waiting room and served us water, biscuits and tea. As we finished the room, she also gave us a token for a picture in the photo machine. She was by herself when we played our first room of the day, but afterwards was joined by another staff member, who was also kind.

Escape Hunt Melbourne has lockers for personal belongings outside each room.

Communication: Escape Hunt Melbourne uses an intercom system to facilitate talking with the staff for hints.

Surroundings: There are so many things to see/do/eat in Melbourne CBD that it’s hard to list. Escape Hunt Melbourne is easy to reach by tram or even walking if you are in the city centre. If you are looking for food, we would suggest wandering a bit on nearby streets, so you will see why the place is famous for its cafes and restaurants. There is plenty.

To find out how the Escape Room Hunters also smashed the room’s time record click here.



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