Escape Hunt Melbourne: Secrets of the Brewery [Review]

Location: Escape Hunt Experience Melbourne, Melbourne CBD, VIC, Australia Logos-for-website_0016_ESCAPE_HUNT_MELBOURNE_LOGO

Date completed: November 2015 (2 players). Succeeded

Creativity: 7; Difficulty: 5.5; Atmosphere: 5; Fun: 8.


  • Intermediate English
  • Acute Senses
  • 2-5 people

Some rooms are great surprises and Secrets of the Brewery is one of them. We have said before in this blog how we expect Escape Hunt to offer rooms more on the conventional side, right? Locks, combinations, nothing too techy. Well, Secrets of the Brewery is a point out of the Escape Hunt bell curve – it probably has the most interesting puzzles we’ve dealt with in a Escape Hunt venue until now.

The story is a whodunnit:  a Melbourne-based German brew master has been murdered by someone who wanted his  secret beer recipe. You play the detectives who to assist the Victorian police to locate the recipe and bring the perpetrator to justice.

The puzzles, on the other hand, a very varied and different. Your senses will be challenged, so keep eyes and ears open, focus on everything around you and have fun.

Secrets of the Brewery has a nice selection of different types of challenges for people to engage with while searching for the killer. The setting, the offices of a brewery, has simple decoration, but you soon realize that most items are there for a reason. Keep that in mind: the most mundane items may be important!

This room is reasonably harder than the one we had played before, The Tram Bomb Heist. We actually thought it was harder than the “hard” room of the venue, Abduction in the Graveyard. Experienced players will think it is still an easy room, but because of the variety, there’s a bigger chance you may get stuck at something. We actually spent some time on the clock trying to figure out how to solve one task as we did not know from which angle to look at it.


In this room we also had an example of how different backgrounds and experiences can help a team to go through. At a certain point we found a set of objects that meant nothing to Trapspringer, but on the second I looked at them, I knew what to do. It was not a common thing to do in a Escape Room, and he actually asked me “how do you know to do this?” and I answered “Because there is a xxx (item) full of xxx (other items) over there!” And he just stared at me blankly! I almost feel like spoiling it, but I won’t. I will just say that even vanity can bring useful knowledge into a game… 😀

Besides all the sensory overload, be ready to search for hidden stuff, to find patterns and to open locks. Sometimes the puzzles may deviate from the original plot, but you keep finding suspect profiles to remind you of your mission.

To communicate with the gamemaster, you use an intercom near the door to call them. It’s not a practical system, but hopefully teams working together will not need to use it often. At the end, we found out the culprit and the recipe. We had fun, some good laughs and felt like it was time well used.

As we were on the mood, straight away we went to play Abduction in the Graveyard.

Out of the room

Service: The staff at Escape Hunt Melbourne was very friendly, made us comfortable at the venue’s nice waiting room and served us water, biscuits and tea. As we finished the room, They also gave us a token for a picture in the photo booth.

Escape Hunt Melbourne has lockers for personal belongings outside each room.

Communication: Escape Hunt Melbourne uses an intercom system to facilitate talking with the staff for hints. Hints are unlimited and do not give you time penalties.

Surroundings: There are so many things to see/do/eat in Melbourne CBD that it’s hard to list. Escape Hunt Melbourne is easy to reach by tram or even walking if you are in the city centre. If you are looking for food, we would suggest wandering a bit on nearby streets, so you will see why the place is famous for its cafes and restaurants. There is plenty.

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