Trap Milano: The Tomb [Review]

logotrapmilanoLocation: Trap MilanoMilano Centrale region, Milan, Italy

Date completed: March 2016 (2 players). Failed!

Creativity: 8.5;  Difficulty: 9; Atmosphere: 8.5; Fun: 8


  • Intermediate English or Italian (for hints)
  • 2-5 players

A series of disappearances followed by the kidnapping of a little girl in a dark alley of Milan is the background story to The Tomb, certainly the darkest themed room we’ve played in months. As you progress in the game and investigate the area where she was last seen, the secrets and information that unfold will make the kind-hearted gasp.

Trap Milano created a large, intense and extremely well equipped room in The Tomb. The first area is a recreation of a dark alley with residences to explore, mailboxes, benches, trash bins. There is a lot to do, and playing with only two players, we ran out of  time as we reached the final puzzle. So, grab a team of 4 or 5 before entering The Tomb. According to Trap, only 20% of groups manage to reach the end.

We do not doubt that low percentage of success either. This escape room is very large and as you advance, you open more areas to explore. There is an enormous amount of puzzles to solve and tasks to perform in a fairly non-linear fashion. We rarely recommend large groups as we believe it can be hard to manage and messy. However, The Tomb requires numbers to spread out and cover everything in time.

trap-IMG_2544Your puzzle-solving skills will be combined with dexterity tests, observation and mechanical intelligence. There will be moments when you will be using raw logic, and in others you will have to think way out of the box. For the most unexpected tricks, the game gives you some instructions. I do think, however, that people from my parents’ generation would solve some of them without the instructions anyway.

You will also have to work in teams to go through some of the activities. It was nice to see that some traditional puzzles (i.e. things we´ve seen plenty of times before) got a new layout in The Tomb and became interesting. The search component is heavy in this room and, if you are not careful and organized in clearing the areas, you may miss vital information for puzzles ahead. Differently from the other room in Trap Milano (The Pyramid), The Tomb has traditional locks to be opened. But they do make sense and appear in situations where you would probably find one.

There is tech in the room, but it is subtle. Many props work due to physical properties and the manner you interact with them.

Our gamemaster was a very enthusiastic lady who gave us timely hints in excellent English through a screen located in the “dark alley”. The debriefing post-game was also very detailed.

It is also worth mentioning that there were no red herrings among this plethora of puzzles, props, scenarios and decoration. Everything is well integrated with the story, which escalates to a disturbing level. The game designers did a very good job. Although I jumped at a certain moment, it is certainly not a scary room. But it is disturbing in an uncommon way. If you don’t mind unnerving stories, give this room a try and challenge yourself.

In Trap Milano we also played The Pyramid, a room with no locks!


Out of the room

Service: The staff at Trap Milano were very attentive and friendly. Our gamemaster was very enthusiast and explained things very well. Most of the staff had a very good level of English, besides their native Italian, and some could also speak other languages.

Trap has a cloak cabinet behind the reception for jackets and bags, or you can bring your stuff into the room with you. According to Trapspringer, this venue also has great toilets.

Communication: You do not talk to the gamemaster during the game. He/she will send images or text hints through a screen if they believes you are stuck, and they came timely. You can also request extra hints pressing a button on the wall.

Surroundings: Trap Milano is located in the Milano Centrale region, more or less 12 minute walk from the train station. During the day there is plenty of commerce around to shop or find something to eat. The region is a concentration of many escape rooms, such as Trap, Secret Rooms, X-Door and From there it is very easy to take the metro to the city centre, the Duomo (Milan Cathedral) or further West to see Da Vinci’s Last Supper.


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