EscapeXperience: Amnesia [Review]

Locatescapexperience-redion: EscapeXperience, Oakleigh, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Date completed:  April 2016 (2 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 8Difficulty: 7.5; Atmosphere: 8.5; Fun: 9.5.


  • Fluent English
  • 2-6 players
  • Acute senses


You all wake up at the same time and don’t know what is happening. Why are you in a hospital? Why is it chaos outside? How did you get in? And hey, how do you get OUT? This was the situation we found ourselves in EscapeXperience’s Amnesia –  a fast paced game where players have 60 minutes to remember who they are and to escape this mysterious predicament.

In this room, you actually know nothing about the story when you start. As you progress, however, you understand more and more about the situation you and your friends are in. You also realize you will have act fast or something bad will occur. However, will you figure out what to do in time?

Those who have played a few escape rooms will know that the use of blindfolds to bring players into a game is pretty common. We think this mechanic is completely unnecessary most of the time, and is usually done because “everyone else does”. Amnesia is an exception. It uses this simple convention creatively to kick off the escape room and generate immersion in a way that is quite original, especially because your gamemaster places you carefully in a certain start positions. From that point on, we did feel very much in the game.

Eyes opened, we started exploring and found ourselves in a dated hospital lab from the 1940s-1950s. The decor and the items of the escape room fit the period and everything was decidedly low tech but robust. Most importantly, everything worked. Props were flawless during our game.

Can’t you remember anything?

Not only were the items in the room functional, they also added to the overall story, which was woven through the different puzzles that you had to tackle. The further you progressed, the more you knew about the situation. The more you knew, the more you could relate with what is expected in a puzzle! This internally consistent way of merging puzzle games with story telling was very enjoyable and engaging.

Like Burlesque, EscapeXperience teamed up with Escape Room Melbourne (ERM) to create a thrilling adventure in Amnesia. They do go an extra mile to improve immersion in their rooms, such as including realistic details that may be missed by most people – but those with an observant eye or people with certain professional backgrounds might find pleasant.

There is a surprising amount to find and solve within a relatively limited space early in the game and a team can split off into multiple paths to tackle different puzzles. Amnesia is quite an active room and many tasks are interactive in the physical space. Full mobility is not essential, but will help a lot. The game will require use of multiple senses, in expected and unexpected ways. Players will definetly benefit from being alert and observant, and having a mind for basic geography won’t go astray either!

We recommend 2-4 players for Amnesia and it is on the harder end of a medium difficulty room. Having played a fair amount of rooms before, we cracked Amnesia in 34 odd minutes, equaling the previous record! Huzzah! (The gamemaster told us that the equal record holders were from another escape room blog and we suspect that it’s Scott from Escape Rooms in Sydney/Melbourne :D).

If you go to EscapeXperience to play their rooms (which we highly recommend), play Amnesia or Clockworks first before trying Burlesque, as the difference in difficulty is big. Your brains will thank you for “warming up”!


Out of the room

Service: The gamemaster was excellent, enthusiastic and with excellent work ethics. He kept a very good eye on us and responded very quickly when we wanted to clarify certain things in the game.

Personal belongings are stored in lockers provided by EscapeXperience. You can purchase drinks at the spot.

Communication: Hints, questions and other communication were conducted through walkie-talkie.

Surroundings: It actually takes some time to get to EscapeXperience – about 40 minutes by train from the Melbourne city centre, plus a short walk. However, the area there in Oakleigh has great cafes, restaurants and a shopping centre next to EscapeXperience. We highly recommend making the trip out there.

Amnesia has also been reviewed by Escape Rooms in Melbourne and Escape Room Hunters. It can also be played in Singapore, in Captivate Escape Rooms, by the name Black Out, which has been reviewed by Escaping.SG.




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