Stranger Things: Kotaku Australia online puzzle hunt

logoEdit note: This post has been edited as the puzzle competition ended on 11 Aug.

Location: Kotaku Australia
Launch date: 19 July 2016
Ended: 11 August 2016

One of our friends recently alerted us to a team up between Kotaku Australia  and Enigma Room from Sydney where they released six puzzles from 19 July to 6 August to promote Netflix’s new series Stranger Things. People who solved the ‘final boss’ metapuzzle had a chance to win $6000 worth of prizes from Netflix.

This was an interesting series of puzzles which included a mixture of basic encryption, observation and knowledge of computer games, particularly those from Nintendo, to break through the layers. The third puzzle was particularly punishing. All of them combined reminded me more of ‘easy’ level puzzles found in hacker challenges like those from DEFCON rather than the sort you see in an escape room.

If you want to give the puzzles a go try them out from the links below. Google is your friend. That and write down every analytical step you make. You’ll need it.

1st puzzle
2nd puzzle
3rd puzzle
4th puzzle
5th puzzle
6th puzzle

For those curious for the walkthrough, the solutions can be found here.

The overall metapuzzle was pretty creative and layered and was a lot of fun. Credit to the game designers the thing was so well done that even though Pa and I came to different conclusions, the answers were still admissible as being correct, depending on whether the participant has watched Stranger Things or not.

We were able to solve all of the puzzles but were unfortunately late in our submission of the answer. Oh well. It’s not like we would have won anyway – the person who won submitted the answer in the form of an encryption puzzle!

Our previous experience with escape rooms from Enigma Room have been pretty positive. You can find our reviews of their rooms here.


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