CT Adventure: MU-T [Review]

ct-logoLocation: CT Adventure Escape Room, Sydney CBD, NSW, Australia

Date completed:  July 2016 (5 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 8; Difficulty: 7.5; Atmosphere: 7; Fun: 8.


  • Intermediate English or Mandarin
  • 4-8 players (we recommend 4-6)
  • Full mobility

You and your thief friends have to break in a museum to steal its most precious piece of art, an artifact called “T”!  You start from the back door, but your informants were not very good and guards are coming after you. Can you overcome all the security and come out with the treasure?

CT Adventure’s room MU-T is a fun and pretty game, one of the newest in Sydney at the time of this review and also amongt the more expensive. If you are willing to pay extra for flashy technological spectacle, it can deliver an hour of fun.

From the start, MU-T is very intense. The first area, the “back entrance” of the gallery, mechanical and logical puzzles to be solved. This area, mainly decorated by wooden items (some important!), is in stark contrast with the rest of the escape room, which is very fancy.

Our team of five had no trouble reaching the main area of the museum, where most of the puzzles are concentrated. From there, the game expanded in size and number of puzzles very quickly.

(Do kids know how to use a dial landline these days?)

A lot of different skills will be required during the game. Keep your eyes and ears open, as you will have to pay attention to many things you see and listen to. Observation, search, association, pattern identification and some arithmetic will be required. Almost everything you need is provided in the room, so keep searching! There is only one puzzle that requires very basic general knowledge – however, if you are older than 12, which is the minimum age to play this room without a supervisor, you may have already learnt the necessary information at school.

At times, the room even gets a little physical. One of the moments when we had the most fun was when – as the gamemaster had briefed us – we had to “gently run and gently jump”. With good teamwork that specific task will not be hard, but we bet you will have a laugh as well. Make sure you have a diverse team in which most players have full mobility.

MU-T was also a pretty room. The place is  very new, so all props are shiny and function well. The gamemaster told us that a crazy customer tried to destroy the joint not too long ago, but this was not evident at all. The room is in excellent condition, and the moving parts as well as the technological components help create “wow” moments. We finished the room in 45’30”, only 30 seconds behind the record for the room.

Although in general we thought this was a very good room, there are a few aspects that could be improved. The hint system, for example, was not “flexible” enough to cater for our group. In the beginning of the game, we received a mobile phone from the gamemaster. To ask for a hint, we had to message her three letter codes, which were present next to every puzzle in the room. It is very problematic if you don’t have a specific puzzle to ask about but need general guidance to progress forward, or if you found an item that seems important but you do not know which puzzle it is related to. Moreover, the only time when we used the hint system, we received the answer instead of a clue. That took away a little of the fun.

With prices ranging from $47.5 (4 players) to $40 (8 players) per person, CT Adventures is definitely expensive. The owners explained this cost to the use of technology within the room. Whilst technology is liberally used, we’ve seen the devices and ploys before elsewhere. Furthermore, other escape rooms with comparable levels of technology located in Sydney CBD charge far less. We think that the location of CT Adventure –  which has astronomical levels of rent – probably has a bigger influence on the final price, among other things. We had fun playing MU-T, but due to the high price of CT Adventures, it is not in our priority to return quickly to play their other room, Forest Force. We didn’t think we were ripped off with MU-T by any means , we had a lot of fun. We just found it expensive.


Out of the room

Service: Our gamemaster was  nice and professional with her briefing. We asked a few questions to be sure of just what we were allowed to do (especially the “gently running and jumping”). She clarified everything.

CT Adventure has lockers to store the players’ belongings.

Communication: Players are provided with a mobile phone and use Whatsapp to ask for hints. You type the three letter codes  written in vicinity of puzzles in MU-T and receive a hint about that puzzle. We did not like the system much, as it does not allow you to request general instructions or to ask about items for which you do not have a code.

Surroundings: CT Adventure has a prime location, being right next to the Sydney Westfield Tower and the State Theatre on Market St. It is in the middle of Sydney’s city centre and is placed at a convenient stop for tourists. The street numbering system on Market St gets a bit weird so if you have trouble finding CT Adventure, just note that the building entrance is very small and is next to David Jones (a department store) and opposite a Swarovski store. There are hundreds of places to eat and shop around the area.

MU-T has also been reviewed by Escape Room Explorers and Escape Rooms in Sydney.

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