Roomraider: Where’s Cuddles? [Review]

logoroomraiderLocation: Roomraider, Orchard Road, Singapore

Date completed:  September 2016 (2 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 5; Difficulty: 3.5; Atmosphere: 5.5; Fun: 7.5.


  • Intermediate English
  • 2-10 players (we recommend 2-3)
  • Full mobility
  • At least one team member not colour blind or tone deaf
  • 45 minute room

Oh, no! Your favourite teddy bear, Cuddles, disappeared! What should you do? Go to Teddy Bear Land and look for him, of course! How can anyone be happy without Cuddles?

It had been some time that I (Pá) have been looking for a cute room to play (something  we’ve even mentioned to Essa from Intervirals). Where’s Cuddles? by Roomraider in Singapore is a very simple, easy and kids-friendly room. It’s not glittery and sparkly, but it is definitely colourful! It was quite a relaxing game during our trip to Singapore, and was stacked with plushies!

As the name suggests, the objective of Where’s Cuddles? is to find Cuddles, the 1.50m teddy bear that went missing. I know, how do you lose a bear that big, right? But he was missing and had to be found, so we went for the rescue!

bearsYou start the game in a very colourful small room full of teddy bears. Seriously, there were at least thirty of them of many colours. As our gamemaster briefed us, the wallpaper was also very colourful and important for the game. There were images of cute bears working, playing and walking over the rainbow. A music box-like song was playing in the background, giving it an amusement park feel.

The easy nature of the puzzles make it very important to work with colours and sounds. This room is practically impossible to solve if you are colour blind, and pretty hard if you are tone deaf. Some areas are also difficult to access if you do not have full mobility of if you are a big person as certain spaces are narrow. If you do not have any of those characteristics, though, you can have fun. Just do not expect much full workout for the brain, especially if you are an escape room veteran.

The puzzles require some search, coordination and mainly association skills. Locks are also of the simple kind: numbers or normal keys. For  such a short and simple game, it had fairly good integration of setting and story.

Where’s Cuddles is probably a nice choice if you want to introduce young kids into the escape room hobby, of if you have friends who are not very fond of tricky puzzles or scary scenarios, but would still give it a try. It is a 45 minute room located in a shopping centre in Orchard Road, so it is also convenient for a snack and some shopping afterwards.

cuddles-bearAs a pair, we found Cuddles in 33 minutes and figured out what he had been doing while missing. The maximum capacity of the room is 10 people, however, that is certainly too much for the task. A team of 2 or 3 will do. This is nor a room for those who want challenge, but a cute one to have a relaxing time.

Out of the room

Service: Roomraider has lockers for player’s belongings and offers discount if you play a second game on the same day. Briefing was short and kinda cute as well (“do not use Spiderman powers or Hulk strength if you have them”).

Communication: If you need a hint, you press a bell button and the gamemaster enters the room. We are not big fans of this system, but it seemed to be the most common method among all Singaporean rooms we played.

Surroundings: You can reach this escape room taking the MRT train to Somerset station. Orchard Road is a famous shopping region of Singapore, where you can find famous brands such as Uniqlo in the same building (Orchard Central) as Roomraider. There are also many restaurants on the top floor for those looking for a meal, with a prevalence of Japanese cuisine.

Where’s Cuddles? has also been reviewed by and S-capegoats.

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