BreakOut: Magician’s Revenge [Review]

logo-bigLocation: BreakOut, near Chinatown, Singapore

Date completed:  September 2016 (4 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 6.5; Difficulty: 7.5; Atmosphere: 6.5; Fun: 7.5.


  • Intermediate English
  • One team member not colour blind
  • 2-8 players (we recommend 3-4)

One of the great things about the escape room hobby is meeting interesting people. During our trip to Singapore, we had the chance to meet Janice, the author of Escaping.SG, and play Magician’s Revenge with her and her friend at BreakOut. Talk about a  QUICK problem solver! If you are going to Singapore, make sure to check out her blog, as she is the local Escape Queen!

Magician’s Revenge is a sequel to a a previous room by  BreakOut, Magician’s Secret. While that room is now retired, you can still enjoy the new one even if you did not play the prequel. In the past, you were a young apprentice and uncovered the most famous trick of a great magician. He did not forget that, and now you are locked in his chambers. Who knows what kind of revenge he is planning to unleash upon you?

Trapspringer and I usually play as a pair, however it was great to have Janice and her friend with us in this room. Not only for the great company, but it probably reduced a lot the amount of ‘running around’ in the room.  Although Magician’s Revenge can probably can be finished with 2 people, logistics will be much easier if you have more team members to solve stuff.

After a slow start due to some confusion (prompted by pieces of decor that looked a bit too much like they were part of a puzzle), our team surpassed  issues of things being upside down and blasted through the Magician’s new hideout. The puzzles were more on the traditional side, with some search and plenty of association – at least we are good at this type of challenge! One of the puzzles had an interesting layout, and another had very clever artwork (this was the one that lost a bit of its ‘wow factor’ due to the confusion). Be organized with all the pieces you find around the room, as you will face some layered codes as well.

breakout-posters5Logic will be a valuable trait for this game. None of the puzzles will require genius levels of logical thought, but it certainly helps. Being in a showman’s backstage, you will find cards, picture, dominoes, sparkles and plenty of stage material, so put some effort in  making sense of it. Only one of the puzzles could, in our view, have a bit more of logic and less trial and error, but it was an easy one that may not affect most group’s game.

A magic show could also not be complete without a surprise, and BreakOut included a bonus puzzle along the game! You don’t need to solve it to finish the room, however you get an extra glimpse into the main character’s mind if you do. We did solve it and still managed to finish the room with approximately 10 minutes to spare.

We had the opportunity to play the original Magician’s Secret room before it closed, and then tackle Magician’s Revenge. A criticism we had about the old game was that the title character was too mundane. We ‘uncovered’ his secret, and felt that very little of it was indeed ‘magical’. If anything, the character came across as a hack. In this sense, the new room does a better job in creating a more complex and interesting character. It may have been a right choice for BreakOut to keep only the newest room running, as it was slightly more creative and more fun than the old one. It is, however, easier. It has been a while since we played the room, and if some tweaks in the puzzles and decorations were implemented, it is worth a try. Players who have been in the Magician’s Secret will certainly recognize some elements, as the games are very, very similar.


Out of the room

Service: There are lockers for your belongings near BreakOut’s reception desk. The venue also offers discounts for students and for multiple games. Cold drinks are sold at the reception, which is especially pleasant under Singapore’s hot weather!

Communication: BreakOut  uses the bell hint system  – you ring a bell on the wall and the gamemaster comes into the room to give you a hint. The gamemaster was quick to answer us, but his entrance broke a bit of the game’s atmosphere.

buddha_tooth_relic_templeSurroundings: This venue is located in Singapore’s Chinatown, at walking distance of Outram Park train station. If you have the time, visit the Tooth Relic Buddhist Temple, with its stunning golden walls and statues. It is just a few streets away from BreakOut and said to be the home of one of Buddha’s teeth. Do not skip visiting the rooftop, where an orchid garden grown in the middle of a highly urbanized area of Singapore.

Magician’s Revenge has also been reviewed by (who played with us and recommended some amazing food for us to try!) and by S-capegoats.



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