Realmz: Curse of the Mummy [Review]

realmz-logoLocation: Realmz Escape Game, Morley, Perth, WA, Australia

Date completed:  January 2017 (3 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 8.5; Difficulty: 7.5; Atmosphere: 9; Fun: 9


  • Fluent English
  • 45-minute room
  • 2-5 players

If you have ever been to a big amusement park, such as Universal Studios or Disney World, you have probably been to those rides full of animatronics, sounds, lights and things moving around you. Curse of the Mummy feels like that – as if you had just entered a movie set or one of those “Disney World-esque” places. It is beautiful. The attention to detail is amazing. It was so much fun! Do not be fooled by Realmz’s simple entrance door! Once you step into the tomb, you will probably be surprised by your surroundings.

Then you ask “ok, but what’s the deal?” The deal is that in ancient times, a particular pharaoh was not allowed to complete his transcendence to the other world after death. Those who manage to bring back honour to this pharaoh’s name and complete the trip into the afterlife “shall be granted wealth and power beyond their wildest imaginations”. Sounds good! However, those who fail must perish inside his eternal tomb. Not so good…

Photo: Realmz (Tripadvisor)

We started our journey to dismiss the Curse of the Mummy with only a small lantern and a diary which, according to the gamemaster, belonged to our grandfather, an Archaeologist. And it looks like granpa really knew his stuff and could do pretty good sketches! If you read the diary carefully, it will soon shed some light over your path and guide you along the adventure. Remember there is only 45 minutes and the gamemaster will give you only 2 hints (but will clarify doubts through a walkie-talkie), so any extra help is very welcome!

What we loved most about Realmz, besides the great setting, was how engaging the puzzles were. They will require you to explore the tomb, to deal with “ancient” artifacts and understand the legends involving the pharaoh’s passing. Are you a fan of Indiana Jones or Goonies? If so, you will probably like this room. The puzzles, which are all very integrated with the story and setting, are a complete break from the “lock-key-stuff on the table/in the box” model of escape room. There’s no table, no obvious locks, no normal keys. Watch your step and think of what to do next with everything you see around you. There are plenty of statues, paintings, papyrus, pots… Which items are necessary to reach the afterlife?

Some puzzles require a fair bit of reading and interpretation, so English is a must to play this room. But don’t worry, all the reading makes sense and is not boring or useless. It’s actually quite fun in most parts. Observation, interpretation and basic search will be your most used skills. Some ability in hopscotch can be handy too. There was even an unexpected jump scare moment, but was because I (Pá) was probably in the worst place when a certain action took place.

Need a hand to get out of heeeree…?

The game is completely linear and the design of the room tends to indicate what to do next. For that reason, Curse of the Mummy is more suited for small groups and Realmz measured it well in indicating 2-5 players. We would say a team of three or four is perfect. The flow was smooth for most part (we got stuck in only one puzzle) and no challenge was extremely hard. According to our gamemaster, the completion rate of the room is around 20%. That said, this room can easily offer a good experience for both beginner and experienced players, as the game is so entertaining.

All the technology that went into this escape room was flawlessly hidden while we played, making the room seem like it was under the pharaoh’s spell. We managed to get out in 43 minutes after using our two hints and really enjoyed it! If the designers in Realmz ever decide to open another game, we have to seriously consider another trip to Perth!

Out of the room

Service: Realmz has lockers for player’s belongings. The reception area is very small and simple, a bit of a contrast with the room itself. Our gamemaster did a brief and professional introduction and we watched a video about the game.

Communication: You communicate with the gamemaster by walkie-talkie. Realmz only allows players to use 2 hints, so pay attention to everything you find.

Surroundings: Morley is 20-minute drive from Perth CBD. If you go to Realmz by car, you will pass by a McDonald’s, a KFC and a Fast Eddy’s if you are looking for some food.

Curse of the Mummy was also reviewed by the Escape Room Hunters.

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