Time’s Up: The Pursuit [Review]

Escape-Room-Times-UpLocation: Time’s Up Escape Room, Waneroo (Perth), WA, Australia

Date completed:  January 2017 (5 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 7.5; Difficulty: 5; Atmosphere: 8; Fun: 8


  • Fluent English
  • 2-4 players
  • One player not colour-blind

There is a serial killer spreading fear in Perth. As a special investigation team, you have been led to an apartment by an anonymous caller, tipping you off with the location of the elusive ‘HCK’, as your target is known. It had been 8 months since you last had a lead about him, so you cannot miss the opportunity. You arrive at the address; the door is slightly open. That’s never a good sign. Is his hostage still inside? Once you go check, the door slams. You are trapped! Now, before even thinking of catching the killer, you have to get out alive.

The Pursuit is recommended for up to four players, and that indication is correct. However, as we were meeting some very special friends (the Escape Room Hunters among them 😀 ), Time’s Up allowed us to play with five . How do you think our game went?

The reason we stressed right in the beginning of the article that the game is for up to 4 players is because, well… our team with 5 experienced players finished it in 33 minutes and we got out of the room really wanting more! The puzzles were good, the setting was really nice and everything worked perfectly. Too many brains ended up finishing the fun too quickly! And it’s good when pleasant things last a good time, right?

timeskey-pursuitThe Pursuit starts in a non-linear fashion and initially looks like a normal living room in a small apartment. Once you look more attentively, some things may pop up as a bit weird – even creepy. Observe the room around you and see what relates to what.

Fans of the Netflix series “Stranger Things” will probably recognize some props inspired by the series and turned into a nice teamwork puzzle. It can actually be solved solo, but goes much smoother – and quicker  – if done in a team.

Also, focus on things that clearly look like puzzles. If you’re in doubt and do not know how some items relate to the game, do not spend too much time on them – the setting is full of details and the background story elements. However, not all of them are necessary for your escape. We overthought some items and kinda created red herrings for ourselves! Don’t do the same!

The main skills required will be search, association and observation. Some elements of the setting are quite realistic, and I (Pá) caused some laughter in the group after finding very convincing “organic” elements and being all disgusted about it.

There is very subtle tech in this room, that gives those little “a-ha” moments that everyone loves. All the five of us were involved in solving most things and we can see this being a very good room for beginners and experienced players alike – just size your team well! The only criticism of this room, which we also expressed to the owners, who were lovely and escape room enthusiasts as well, was that The Pursuit was a bit short. Having so many rich story elements, there was surely enough material for a longer game. Nevertheless, our gamemaster Daniela told us they were planning to open a new room still in 2017, and that they were coming up with different challenges at different levels of difficulty. Once we escaped alive, I wonder if The Pursuit of the infamous HCK will go on! If Time’s Up keeps the same quality and attention to detail to their debut game, new rooms will surely be good fun.

Out of the room

Service: Time’s Up has a chest for players’s belongings. The reception area is spacious and they have drinks available for purchase. Our gamemasters did a thorough and professional introduction and we had a really nice chat post-game. Daniela and her partner were interested in our feedback and in knowing more about other rooms around Australia.

Communication: To communicate with the gamemaster, you just talk to the walls and they can hear and reply to you. We particularly like this type of communication, as it allows everyone in the team to hear the hints, and also does not require you to stop your exploration.

Surroundings: Waneroo is a 30-minute drive from Perth CBD. Time’s Up is very close to a McDonald’s, if you need a quick snack.

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