Xcape Funtasy: Mission X – The Love Confession [Review]

funtasyLocation: Xcape Funtasy, Bugis Village, Singapore

Date completed:  May 2017 (2 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 6.5; Difficulty: 3; Atmosphere: 7; Fun: 7.5.


  • Fluent English or Mandarin
  • 2-8 players (we recommend 2-3)


You remember those moments in your childhood that you had a crush for a friend and never had the courage to tell the person? A version of this common young drama is the story of Mission X – the Love Confession. You decide that today is the great day and you will declare your love for a friend, giving her a flower bouquet!

To assist with your declaration of love, you receive lots of ‘magic items’ and the help of a famous big-headed cat. This room had often been referred to us everytime we looked for ‘cute’ escape rooms, and we had the chance to try it during our last trip to Singapore.

The big-headed cat, in this case, is the famous Doraemon. He has long been a feature of children’s pop culture throughout many parts of Asia. In this Japanese anime, Doraemon is a cat from the future who has the mission of helping a boy named Nobi Nobita. In every episode, Doraemon helps Nobita through some predicament or another by employing outlandish futuristic technology. In most episodes, this is not a straightforward process as Nobita is his own worst enemy and frequently undermines himself. In any case, players take on the role of Nobita seeking the help of Doraemon to get through his childhood crush woes and make The Love Confession to Shizuka.

To suit the manga/anime, The Love Confession runs like a linear story in which the players acquire Doraemon’s gadgets. The main challenge for most part is figuring how and when to use these devices in various tasks throughout the game – you actually deal with his ‘magical’ items.  Although there is one part of the game with some basic mathematics, this escape room is mostly task driven and hands on. They’re not hard by any means and this room is easily doable with 2-3 people. In fact, we wouldn’t recommend more than that. Most tasks revolve around observation or physical interaction with the scenario.


The Love Confession simulates an episode of Doraemon through the narrative, which is progressed through voice overs of the the characters and projected manga sequences. In that aspect, the escape room is very true to the comic and cartoon series, making it very child friendly.

As we previously covered in a post on the issue of intellectual property (IP) some time ago, Pa can get really angry about businesses using IP without official sanction. For this reason, we were originally going to give The Love Confession a skip as the original poster artwork featured Doraemon very clearly. Some time later, and just before our trip to Singapore, the name of the room and poster changed to the one on the left. We didn’t realise the game would still be the same, centered around Doraemon, and although I didn’t care much about it, Pa felt that it was dishonest and would be reluctant in recommending this game. She was really disappointed that the creativity and fun weren’t employed to develop original story content. At any rate, the room was recommended to us by multiple people in the know. I can see why.  Despite being easy, The Love Confession is quite entertaining and somewhat different.

Out of the room

Service: Xcape Funtasy has lockers for player’s belongings. Players are politely asked to leave their shoes outside (you play only wearing socks). Briefing was short and efficient.

Communication: To ask for hints, wave at the camera and the GM will come into the room to help you – ours was very quick. This seems to be a very common hint method among all Singaporean rooms we played.

Surroundings: You can easily reach this escape room taking the MRT train to Bugis. The region is filled with shooping centres, places to eat and accomodation. Bugis Village is a comercial building which concentrates all branches of Xcape (Season 1, Season 2, Funtasy, Haunted and RPG). Considering the amount of rooms offered, you can easily spend the day in Bugis, playing, shopping and enjoying Singaporean food.

Mission X – The Love Confession has also been reviewed by Escaping.sg.

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