Trapt: Biohazard [Review]

TraptLocation: Trapt, Melbourne CBD, VIC, Australia

Date completed: October 2017 (5 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 5; Difficulty: 6.5; Atmosphere: 5.5; Fun: 6.5.


  • 2-6 players
  • Fluent English
  • 45 minute room

Most escape room enthusiasts have probably already noticed that mixing a secret laboratory with a biohazardous experiment doesn’t end well most times. In Biohazard, something went wrong in a high-security government laboratory and the scientists have not been heard from in days. To make things “easier”, you don’t know what they were researching or who they are.

The only information you’ve been given is that your specialist retrieval team must enter the facility and search for the scientists. If there are any survivors, retrieve them and exit as quick as possible. The mission lasts 45 minutes, and after that the military will destroy the facility for safety reasons – and everything inside, including your team.

After going through the looking glass in Wonderlandwe teamed up with a very mixed group people to investigate the Biohazard at this laboratory in Trapt. We had escape room veterans, a rookie and by chance an escape room owner as well. With this group dynamic, we definitely had the odds in our favour, even if it was the escape room owner who ended up being cuffed in a separate area at the start.

Biohazard-Trapt-1Biohazard began in an area before the actual laboratory with a light security and staff storage setup. The first steps involved solving some simple association puzzles to link up our our chained up member with the main group. Despite having the least experience, the rookie member identified the required solution to the first puzzle straight off the mark and we kicked off with a rapid pace until the last puzzle.

The puzzles, especially towards the end, involved a lot of reading, deductive logic and some association. Text interpretation was a key element for the more layered logic puzzles so having fluent English speakers is a must. The puzzle path was also fairly linear so we wouldn’t recommend more than 4 players. As we were a more experienced group overall, the flow of the game was fairly smooth for most part and the gamemaster kept a good eye on our progress.

However, the game stalled somewhat at the very last puzzle. We all knew what had to be done, however, the interpretation of a particular aspect required very keen senses. The result we all thought correct turned out to be slightly off. We eventually double checked with the gamemaster but in the meantime, there was a game mechanic where the team would have to wait for minutes after some unsuccessful attempts at a code. So we stood around having a chat waiting for that mechanic to reset even though we knew the answer. This was possibly the weakest part of the game particularly as the solution was very clear and it is actually possible to stumble across the solution to this last puzzle by fluke depending on player behaviour.

Pa and I couldn’t help but feel that perhaps Biohazard was a bit dated as an escape room. Having been operational for around two years, the execution of the puzzles in this escape room felt a bit too familiar. The room was not bad by any means and first timers might enjoy the experience. Just be aware that if you have played a few escape rooms, you might have already come across all this before. The setting was also fairly standard in the dark pseudo laboratory look with the strongest aspect being the documents you find along the way. Given its age, Trapt are probably going to be replacing Biohazard at some point as they did by retiring Prison Break and switching it out for Prohibition, which was far superior.

Aside from the escape rooms in Trapt we have mentioned, we also played Madhouse (located in Point Cook and done in partnership with a ghost tour), Espionage and Wonderland.

Out of the room

Service: The staff was nice, and briefing was very quick and straightforward. They made us comfortable in the large waiting area before the game.

There are lockers for personal belongings. They can also prepare a drink afterwards (or before…). After our game we attended the networking function for escape room enthusiasts they hosted after PAX Australia, which was a lovely opportunity to meet many owners and players. There were special cocktails related to each escape room – we tried a special one available for Halloween called ‘thriller’, which was sweet and refreshing.

Communication: A walkie-talkie radio is provided to facilitate communications with the staff, who will send hints through a screen on the room.

Surroundings: Trapt is located in the Melbourne CBD. It is easily accessible by tram and within walking distance of the major train stations there. It is also very easy to find good food around the area.

Read another take on Biohazard written by the Escape Room Hunters.

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