Scram Escape Rooms: The Wizard Chambers [Review]

scramlogoLocation: Scram Escape Rooms, Parramata, Sydney , NSW, Australia

Date completed:  September 2017 (2 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 8; Difficulty: 7.5; Atmosphere: 8; Fun: 8.


  • 2-8 players
  • Full mobility (to access the room)
  • Fluent English

I have never received a letter to study in a wizardry school. Nor have mysterious pipe-smoking magic dudes ever invited me for quests. Not even the tooth fairy used to visit me. There’s probably not a drop of pixie dust in me – but thankfully this is not a prerequisite to play The Wizard Chambers.

In this game, you are in a magic school and students from a rival dorm stole your magic wand. The bullies also locked you in your dorm. You have one hour to get out of the place, recover your wand and go to class. The Wizard Chambers is a very family-friendly game that will provide a lot of fun (and great post-game photos), especially for the younger ones and for Harry Potter fans.

One thing we liked about the Wizard Chambers was that, even though some elements were clearly inspired by J.K. Rowling’s book, the room did not blatantly scream “Harry Potter”. The initial area was a beautiful communal study room with a lot to explore.  It replicated the look of a common area within a (magical) sandstone university – books about potions, rather than thermodynamics and arcane memorabilia, rather than sports trophies.

scram1We won’t spoil anything, but as we moved further to new areas of the Wizard Chambers, it maintained the sense of disbelief as a Muggle-free zone.  Scram did a nice job with setting. We can easily see how some kids (or those young at heart) will just love this escape room. Who knows? Maybe this is how a magic university in Australia would look like within J.K. Rowling’s universe?

The search for our wand  did indeed require a lot of searching. As I could not do “Accio” or “Engorgio”, we had to keep looking for items the traditional way. Most puzzles are well embedded in the setting and every now and then, a new one appears ‘magically’. When we played, all magic effects worked well and it was very nice to see the transitions.

There were plenty of association puzzles and interaction with the props throughout the dorm. We were moving, touching and using objects all the time. Reading through tomes, and conducting experiments. Some of the tasks would require more than one person to be solved, so try to work at least in pairs. Also, make sure you have a friend who is attentive to details in your group, because it will become handy. The puzzles were not hard in difficulty, however, there was a decent amount of it and certainly posed a challenge for us with only two players.

As the game is structured in a linear fashion and as many elements were subtle, the flow of the game have a few hiccups for us. On more than one occasion, we found ourselves testing many options to find out where to go next. However, this wasn’t a real issue, and did not affect the overall level of fun. We just needed to conduct a thorough exploration. Also, being fluent in English is important for the game, and some knowledge of a traditional board game will clearly help – although they are not mandatory.

The Wizard Chambers is quite spacious and can easily cater for the max of 8 players. It certainly doesn’t feel empty and there are there are enough puzzles and to keep everyone occupied.

scram2We needed a few nudges along our adventure, and hints came straight away through a tablet. Who says wizards don’t need technology? Just say out loud you need some help and the gamemaster will send you a hint. The tablet made a funny sound every time a hint came in.

We finished The Wizard Chambers with 8 minutes to spare on the clock. It was a very hands-on game. We enjoyed it a lot and would recommend it to beginners and experienced players alike.

In Scram Escape Room, we also played their creepy game, The Doll House.

Out of the room

Service: There are lockers for player’s belongings and toilets. The reception area is spacious, with the traditional puzzles to warm-up on a small table. GMs were friendly and seemed enjoy running games.

Communication: You just talk to the walls and the gamemaster will send a hint on a tablet that makes a little magic sound. Hints are unlimited.

Surroundings: Scram Escape Rooms is literally just around the corner from Paramatta Westfield Shopping Centre, which not only has lots of options to eat and shop, but also offers up to 3-hour free parking.  If you are coming by public transport, Parramatta station is only a 5-6min walk away.

The Wizard Chambers was also reviewed by Escape Rooms in Sydney.


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