Scram Escape Rooms: The Doll House [Review]

scramlogoLocation: Scram Escape Rooms, Parramata, Sydney , NSW, Australia

Date completed:  September 2017 (2 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 8; Difficulty: 8; Atmosphere: 8; Fun: 8.


  • 2-8 players
  • At least one player not colour blind and with full mobility

Dolls have this incredible skill of turning into creepy objects when subjected to the right light or setting. If the dolls are made to look scary on purpose, then you have a horror movie waiting to happen. That was how I felt in The Doll House by Scram. In this game, you were kidnapped by a maniac that collects dolls, and you will be the next addition to his collection.

Playing as a duo, Trapspringer and I started the game isolated from each other, which made things even scarier. The rooms looked like a kid’s bedroom, but there was something very, VERY wrong about it.

I was clearly the more scared of the two, and that was probably the reason Scram’s gamemaster chose for me to stay in the “creepier” side of the room. It was a kid’s bedroom, with a bed, a wardrobe, a vanity, some toys… and WHAT WAS THAT ON TOP OF THE WARDROBE????

It was not easy to start communicating with Trapspringer, who was locked in another area, out of my sight. But we had to, in order to get out. We soon found a way to send items to each other, even though a door was closed between us. Some search, observation and clear communication were essential to get us our first lead.

scramdoll1Although the puzzles required logic, association and some counting, the key for this room was to observe our surroundings carefully.  We thought that maybe there was a little bit too much counting of items, but it was alright. It also required some search and, if you are good with jigsaws, some puzzle will be solved really quickly.   The fit the  setting nicely, and the more we solved, the more we found out about what happened in that strange house. Some puzzle pieces are tiny, so make sure you are organized and don’t loose any!

We eventually managed to reunite with each other again and continue our investigation as a duo. By that time, we were already seeing the dolls were more than mere toys scattered around. They were really important for the story. Treat the dolls well, even if they scare you. Believe us, Scram wrote deep backgrounds for each of them, and some were heartbreaking.

Although scary, The Doll House is not a jump scare room. There is only one puzzle that is borderline disgusting, and all the rest is left to the player’s imagination.


The room is aimed at 2-8 players, and we believe the optimum size is 4. We finished The Doll House with 5 minutes to spare after using 2 hints. If you need help, just talk to the walls and the gamemasters will send a hint on a tablet, located in a toy shelf. The tablet will give an unnerving  doll laugh every time a hint arrives.

According to Scram, it is possible to play this room in a family-friendly version, as long as it is requested in advance when booking the room. We haven’t tried the ‘toned down’ version though, and would be curious to see how much it would change, as the story for this game was quite dark. If you are looking for a more cheerful adventure, it would be better to try Scram’s other room, The Wizard Chambers.

If you feel like you can handle being observed by the thing on top of the wardrobe without skipping a heartbeat, this room is a good option outside of Sydney city centre. With venues like Scram and Labyrinth,  the region of Parramatta is well served for escape rooms.

In Scram Escape Room, we also played The Wizard Chambers.

Out of the room

Service: There are lockers for player’s belongings and toilets. The reception area is spacious, with the traditional puzzles to warm-up on a small table. GMs were friendly and seemed to be enjoying their job.

Communication: You just talk to the walls and the gamemaster will send a hint on a tablet that makes a creepy sound. Hints are unlimited.

Surroundings: Scram Escape Rooms is literally just around the corner from Paramatta Westfield Shopping Centre, which not only has lots of options to eat and shop, but also offers up to 3-hour free parking.  If you are coming by public transport, Parramatta station is only a 5-6min walk away.

The Doll House was also reviewed by Escape Rooms in Sydney.


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