About us

Lock Me If You Can is written by us, puzzle-lovers Pá and Trapspringer. We are based in Canberra, Australia, but neither of us are originally from here.

Myst, Monkey Island, Sudoku, riddles, Tangram and finding the cat in the house are only some of the puzzles we’ve been playing since we were kids (the cat is still the one with the lowest success rate). We can say that, if not good at it, we are at least enthusiasts for nice brain challenges!

From the moment we played our first escape room, we knew it would be addictive. All reviews and posts reflect our personal experiences and analysis, and all rooms were booked, payed and played by ourselves, unless marked otherwise. We also keep ourselves anonymous in most games (any exceptions, i.e. invitations or beta tests, are indicated in the text).

You can find a list of games in many different countries so please join us as we go Escaping Around Australia and the World.


  • Journalist, polyglot and bookworm
  • Good with logic puzzles, anagrams and patterns
  • Loves unicorns and pink stuff


  • Gamer with a great memory
  • Good in finding hidden stuff
  • History nerd

You can contact us by email: contact.lockmeifyoucan[at]gmail.com.

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