The Mystery Rooms: Chapter 4 – A GRIMM Finale [Review]

mystery-headerlogoLocation: The Mystery Rooms, Fitzroy (Melbourne), VIC, Australia

Date completed: April 2018 (5 players). Succeeded escaping (juuuust in time)!

Creativity: 9.5; Difficulty: 8.5; Atmosphere: 9; Fun: 8.5.


  • Fluent English
  • 4-6 players
  • Acute senses
  • Full mobility
  • Warm clothes
  • Some knowledge of fairy tales highly recommended

Once upon a time, a group of escape room enthusiasts entered a series of quests to retrieve the talismans of Strength, Knowledge and Courage. With those magical items, they could  restore the separation between the realms of Reality and Fantasy, and avoid an invasion by the forces of the Snow Queen. Backed by a secret organization called GRIMM, our heroes departed into a chilling adventure!

We were invited by the Mystery Rooms to try Chapter 4 – A GRIMM Finale, which is a special escape room for those who have previously completed the other three (excellent) games in the venue, where you obtain the aforementioned talismans. It is an intense game that keeps the entire team busy! And a piece of advice, which will sound like something a mother would say: bring a jacket!

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Evolo Room Escape: Secrets of the Jungle [Review]

logo-evoloLocation: Evolo Room Escape, Hobart, TAS, Australia

Date completed:  March 2018 (2 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 7.5; Difficulty: 6; Atmosphere: 7; Fun: 8


  • 2-6 players
  • Acute senses

There was something mysterious and somewhat terrifying about the relic found by Sherwood Bloxham in the depths of the jungle. After years of search, the eccentric and brilliant researcher completed his pursuit and took the relic with him to the hut in which he lived for years, away from civilization. But madness overtook him, and he fled his hideout leaving no trace of his destination – except for a note wishing someone passionate for the jungle would take over his discoveries.

As a duo of enthusiastic explorers, Trapspringer and I were invited to try this game, designed by the team of Evolo Room Escape, and decipher  the Secrets of the Jungle.

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Puzzled: Monkey Run! [Review]

puzzled-whiteLocation: Puzzled Room Escape, Holland Park West, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Date completed: October 2017 (4 players). We escaped!

Creativity: 8.5; Difficulty: 6.5; Atmosphere: 8; Fun: 9.


  • 3-6 players
  • No language required
  • Most of the team not colour blind
  • At least one player with full mobility

How can you escape a room of you cannot read or write? How can you escape if you are not even human? Monkey Run! has a very interesting plot that incorporates those challenges: players are a team of monkeys who are being used in experiments by Dr. Irov. Tired of not knowing if they will be alive tomorrow, they decide to escape using their monkey skills!

This room was highly recommended to us by other enthusiasts, and we could see why. The unusual background story is well translated into the setting, resulting in a room with no letters, no numbers and no common locks – as they would not make any sense for monkeys. It was more task-driven than puzzle-driven, but it did not lack logic. It was heaps of fun and bananas!

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Powerhouse Museum: The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes [Review]

SherlockLocation: Powerhouse Museum, Sydney CBD,  SydneyAustralia

Date completed:  August 2017.

Creativity: 6.5; Difficulty: 3.5; Atmosphere: 8.5; Fun: 7


  • Fluent English
  • Adult: $27; Concession: $25; Child (4–16): $16

I’ve always liked visiting Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum since I was a kid. With it’s enormous displays on all manner of transport, space travel and other technology, I was never bored. Over the last decade, the museum has had a number of interesting exhibitions which cater to my geeky side: Star Wars, Harry Potter…  and now, The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes. 

Admittedly, interest in the Great Detective was always a thing with Pá but I’ve come to appreciate Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation through the last few years if for no other reason than the mysteries being set in one of my favourite settings – Victorian England. This exhibition takes visitors back 200 years to the era of the Industrial Revolution, rampant crime and incredible developments in science through an interactive adventure. Time to put on a quaint accent, a hat and a carry a walking stick.

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Woodbury Escape Rooms: The Curse of Kidd Island [Review]

woodburyescaperooms_logo-inverseLocation: Woodbury Escape Rooms, South Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Date completed: June 2017 (4 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 8; Difficulty: 7.5; Atmosphere: 7.5; Fun: 8.5.


  • Fluent English
  • 2-6 players (we recommend 3-4)
  • Acute senses
  • One player not colour blind

Straight after performing as abandoned toys in Little Playful Things, we put on our metaphorical fedora hats to venture into ancient ruins and defy The Curse of Kidd Island. As intrepid tomb raiders explorers working for Omicron Industries, we were hired to find and steal retrieve the Eye of Venus, a supernatural artifact which seems to be tied to the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse.

What we were not told is that the team before us disappeared in mysterious conditions. Once we entered the dark cave, we notice the mission would demand some MacGyver-ish skills…

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Ultimate Roomscape: The Lost Scepter of Tutankhamun [Review]

Location: Ultimate Roomscape, Malaga, Perth, WA, Australia


Date completed:  January 2017 (3 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 7.5; Difficulty: 7; Atmosphere: 8; Fun: 8


  • Intermediate English
  • 3-8 players

When an archaeologist brings to light strong evidence that the scepter from Tutankhamun actually exists, you and your team of fellow explorers decide its time to venture inside the famous pharaoh’s tomb and look for the artifact.

However, you soon realise that there was a reason for all the legends of curses and magic surrounding Tutankhamun’s rest place. There is something mysterious in the air, and every new clue will bring answers to the questions buried for thousands of years. Differently from games which define the minimum number of players for business cost reasons, The Lost Scepter of Tutankhamun really requires at least 3 people to be solved. This room can please families looking for a fun time together, beginners and experienced players alike.

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Jetpack Theatre: Art Heist [Review]

jetpackLocation: ‘Wade Galleries’, Dulwich Hill, Sydney , NSW, Australia

Date completed:  July 2017 (4 players). Failed as thieves!

Creativity: 8; Difficulty: varies; Atmosphere: 9; Fun: 8.


  • Fluent English
  • 1-4 players

After our successful foray as bank thieves in Small Time Criminalswe thought we had it covered when we were assigned the job of conducting an Art Heist to retrieve a painting named The Fat Dragon from Wade Galleries. This job turned out harder than expected and hilarious antics and theatrics ensued.

At first glance, the job seemed simple enough. We had 15 minutes to case Wayne Galleries, determine its security layout and then have 45 minutes to steal the mark. After coming up with a relatively simple and straightforward plan, we executed it only to find that the security systems were better than we thought. Huh. No plans survive first contact. We adapted, but we did not overcome.

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