PAX Australia 2017 Panel: Behind the Hidden Door

22179978_127486074575081_5900641369381559922_oLocation: PAX Australia 2017, Melbourne Convention Centre, VIC
When: 28 October 2017
Panel: Jesse and Chris (Riddle Room), Matt (Enigma Room), Rohan (Cubescape), Josh (Mystery Rooms), Pa! (where else?)

I can’t believe its been a full year since we last headed to Melbourne to cover the escape room panel for PAX Australia! Time has passed (too) quickly and many escape rooms have been played. Pa was fortunate enough to be invited this time around to sit Behind the Hidden Door and fly the flag for our blog at this year’s panel. Attending PAX as a panelist? Achievement unlocked.

With so much development in the Australian escape room industry through 2017, it was hard to nail down any single topic to cover. Matt from Enigma Room came up with an ingenious idea to spur discussion this year – the audience would submit their questions by paper plane. They weren’t given much warning this would happen and those who managed to land their question into a box got first dibs at being presented to the panel.


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PAX Australia 2016 Panel: The Past, Present and Future of Live Action Escape Games [Commentary]

Location: PAX Australia 2016, Melbourne Convention Centre, VIC
When: 6 November 2016
Panel: Joan (Labyrinth), Jesse (Riddle Room), Matt (Enigma Room), Tom (Cubescape), Robert (Pop Up Playground)

After completing an escape room marathon in Melbourne, we rushed from Xcapade to PAX Australia 2016 to hear about ‘The Past, Present and Future of Live Action Escape Games ‘. There was a solid turnout from the audience and given that this was the very last panel of the event, it was very encouraging to see. Another positive sign was that, different from last year, most of the audience had experience with escape rooms as well. Upwards and onwards for the Australian live escape game industry!

The main areas discussed by the panel mainly revolved around the future of the industry and how technology could affect it in the coming years. We’ve taken the liberty to sum up some of the key points below.

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