Woodbury Escape Rooms: Wanted – Bandits [Review]

woodburyescaperooms_logo-inverseLocation: Woodbury Escape Rooms, South Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Date completed: June 2017 (4 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 7; Difficulty: 6; Atmosphere: 7.5; Fun: 8.


  • Intermediate English
  • 2-6 players (we recommend 3-4)

The sheriff just confiscated all our money. All that we worked so hard to get! It was not easy to open that vault without making a noise, or to enter other people’s houses without being caught… But we won’t let it go easily. The sheriff is not the good lad he poses to be, he took our money into his private gambling den. His dirty little secret! We also know that he is busy arresting a bunch of Warriors, so we, the Bandits, will just enter the gambling place and retrieve our money before he returns!

The designers of Woodbury Escape Rooms came with an interesting concept for this room: it actually hosts two different games. You can play as the Warriors, just arrested by the sheriff and waiting to be executed, or as Bandits, who want to recover the confiscated money. We chose the latter, which we were told was slightly easier. Yeeeeehaaaaaa!

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Jetpack Theatre: Art Heist [Review]

jetpackLocation: ‘Wade Galleries’, Dulwich Hill, Sydney , NSW, Australia

Date completed:  July 2017 (4 players). Failed as thieves!

Creativity: 8; Difficulty: varies; Atmosphere: 9; Fun: 8.


  • Fluent English
  • 1-4 players

After our successful foray as bank thieves in Small Time Criminalswe thought we had it covered when we were assigned the job of conducting an Art Heist to retrieve a painting named The Fat Dragon from Wade Galleries. This job turned out harder than expected and hilarious antics and theatrics ensued.

At first glance, the job seemed simple enough. We had 15 minutes to case Wayne Galleries, determine its security layout and then have 45 minutes to steal the mark. After coming up with a relatively simple and straightforward plan, we executed it only to find that the security systems were better than we thought. Huh. No plans survive first contact. We adapted, but we did not overcome.

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Pop Up Playground: Small Time Criminals [Review]

stcLocation: Small Time Criminals, Preston, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Date completed:  November 2016 (5 players). Raided $1.5 million worth of loot!

Creativity: 10Difficulty: Varies; Atmosphere: 9; Fun: 9.


  • 2-6 players
  • Fluent English

Ever want to rob a bank? This is the very simple premise behind Pop Up Playground‘s massively immersive heist game, Small Time Criminals. Having wanted to play this for ages, we recently kickstarted an escape room marathon by taking in a team of five to raid the very questionable firm Eureka Futures. Think Ocean’s Eleven and the Italian Job.

Is this game actually a escape room? Not really. But labels are not important here. It has a story, puzzles, tasks to perform and a lot to explore. Let your raider side take flight and avoid the security guard!

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Expedition Escape Rooms: Mission: Identity [Review]

Location: Expedition Escape Rooms, Civic (Canberra CBD), ACT, Australia


Date completed:  October 2016 (2 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 8 Difficulty: 8.5 (for two players); Atmosphere: 8; Fun: 8.


  • Fluent English
  • 2-6 players

And so we found ourselves again in one of the harder rooms we played in our one year and half of escaping. Mission: Identity at Expedition Escape Rooms is a revamp of Mission: Possible, designed originally by RUSH from Melbourne. The first impression we had when entering the place is that it felt grittier than the original – which was actually a good thing. This one looks more like a bank vault than the original. Less fancy, but more realistic.

The story is slightly different too: you have been a secret agent for years, and now you have realized that your history, your past and everything you knew about yourself was a lie. Your real documents are locked in a vault and you finally found out how to infiltrate it. The challenge is to locate the documents and get out before the breach is discovered.

In Melbourne, we failed. In Canberra, we succeeded – with a lot of time to spare! Not only because we were familiar with some puzzles, but hey, we got a bit better at escaping in the meantime! It was so much fun to break all those puzzles that had once defeated us!

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CT Adventure: MU-T [Review]

ct-logoLocation: CT Adventure Escape Room, Sydney CBD, NSW, Australia

Date completed:  July 2016 (5 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 8; Difficulty: 7.5; Atmosphere: 7; Fun: 8.


  • Intermediate English or Mandarin
  • 4-8 players (we recommend 4-6)
  • Full mobility

You and your thief friends have to break in a museum to steal its most precious piece of art, an artifact called “T”!  You start from the back door, but your informants were not very good and guards are coming after you. Can you overcome all the security and come out with the treasure?

CT Adventure’s room MU-T is a fun and pretty game, one of the newest in Sydney at the time of this review and also amongt the more expensive. If you are willing to pay extra for flashy technological spectacle, it can deliver an hour of fun.

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Escape Room SP: Atelier [Review]

Escape Room SPLocation: Escape Room SP, Vila Mariana district, São Paulo (SP), Brazil

Date completed: June 2016 (4 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 8; Difficulty: 9.5; Atmosphere: 7.5; Fun: 8


  • Fluent English or Portuguese
  • 4-10 players
  • At least one team member not colour blind

Your investigation team has received information on an art forger operational in São Paulo and the leads have pointed to his/her Atelier. You do not know the identity of this forger or if the pictures in the Atelier are original or fakes. There is, however, a big scheme and a lot of money involved, so you better start investigating!

A police team is heading to the airport, which closes in one hour after the international flights depart. That’s the time you have to find the information to identify the forger and the proof to convict him/her. Otherwise, this person will get away to an unknown destination.

If you like art, this escape room is for you – real information about paintings and painters is used in abundance in Atelier. Put your inner artist to work!

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Fox in a Box Firenze: Florence Central Bank [Review]

logo_big_fox_florenceLocation: Fox in a Box Firenze, Historical Centre, Florence, Italy

Date completed: March 2016 (2 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 7.5;  Difficulty: 6.5; Atmosphere: 7.5; Fun: 9


  • Basic English or Italian
  • 2-6 players
  • Acute senses
  • Basic Geography

You and your band of rogues are informed about a ‘behind-the-curtains’ room in the Florence Central Bank. Its vault guards a deposit of beautiful, sparkling diamonds, and the only person with access to that room is stinky Mr. Pig. You manage to turn the alarm off for 60 minutes while he’s away. Will you go in and take those beauties to yourself? If you do, better do it right, because the police is right behind you!

Fox in a Box’s Florence Central Bank allows you to be the bad guy for one hour – better in a escape room than in reality, right? On the way, be prepared to disarm and unlock a lot of fun traps and tricks!

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RUSH Escape Game: Mission: Possible [Review]

Rush Escape Game - Escape Room in MelbourneLocation:
RUSH Escape Game, South Yarra, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Date completed: November 2015 (2 players). Failed (but got through with extra time… sort of)!

Creativity: 8; Difficulty: 8.5 (for two people)Atmosphere: 8; Fun: 7.5


  • Fluent English
  • 2-6 players


If you can measure escape rooms by puzzle density, RUSH Escape Game’s Mission: Possible  has to rate as one of the higher density rooms with a large amount of puzzles per square foot. This tough escape room has players inside a bank vault to retrieve a microchip containing secret information and passports belonging to deep-cover agents (ala The Americans) within one hour. Failure to do so may drastically hinder attempts to retrieve them.

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Escape Hunt Gold Coast: Heist in the Art Gallery [Review]

Logos-for-website_0025_ESCAPE_HUNT_GOLD_COAST_LOGOLocation: Escape Hunt Experience Gold Coast, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Date completed: April 2015 (2 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 5; Difficulty: 6.5; Atmosphere: 7; Fun: 7.

Knowledge requirements: Fluent English and Arithmetic.

Heist in the Art Gallery  is the ‘hard level’ difficulty room at Escape Hunt Experience Gold Coast. The difficulty for this room definitely turned up a notch after Kidnapped on the Beach and  Murder in the Cellar.  In this room, you play detectives trying to discover who has been committing art theft from a gallery in under an hour.

We definitely felt the clock ticking on this one!

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