Red Bull MINDG4M3RS – Australian qualifiers for Escape Room World Championship 2019

redbullIt’s that time again! The qualifier round for Red Bull Escape Room World Championship has opened and this time, Australia gets proper selection rounds!

To qualify, Participants need to qualify via a series of games here, following which they need to build a team of four and choose one country to participate in the national qualifiers. Those teams which qualify for the national level in Australia will take a shot at the top spot at:

  • 28 Aug 18 – Maquarie University, Sydney, NSW (16 slots still open as of morning 23 Aug)
  • 5 Sep 18 – RMIT, Melbourne, VIC (38 slots still open as of morning 23 Aug)

Will you be the next representative for Australia in Red Bull’s Escape Room World Championship? Get on it!