EscapeXperience: Clockworks [Review]

Locatescapexperience-redion: EscapeXperience, Oakleigh, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Date completed:  January 2018 (4 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 7.5; Difficulty: 6; Atmosphere: 8.5; Fun: 9.5.


  • Fluent English
  • 2-6 players (we recommend 2-4)
  • Acute senses


When we entered the house of Robert Spear, vanished almost a century ago, the only thing we knew is that he was a scientist. He allegedly disappeared a few days before he was meant to present a ground-breaking invention to the public. Not even his family knew what he was doing. Spear’s place was full of notes and pieces about of some sort of device, but we were not sure what it was or what it did. We could only say that the place was not totally strange, it was actually very familiar…

Clockworks is a beautiful game created by EscapeXperience in partnership with Escape Room Melbourne (ERM).  The setting, with touches of vintage and steampunk, is very well thought: the game is meant to be a prequel to Escape Room Flemington, one of the first escape games built in Australia by ERM and a classic in Melbourne. The result was an intricate-looking and fun game, with a great flow and creative ending.

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