Encounter: The Hospital [Review]

encounterlogoLocation: Encounter, Geylang Rd, Singapore

Date completed:  September 2016 (2 players). Succeeded escaping!

Creativity: 8; Difficulty: 5.5; Atmosphere: 9.5; Fun: 9.5.


  • Fluent English
  • 2-8 players (we recommend 2-4)

Note: Unfortunately, this room was retired in October 2017. This was a huge shame as it was an excellent sequel to The Apartment. 

The Hospital takes place after the events from The Apartment, where the Fong family vanished from the face of the Earth. Having experienced the supernatural horrors involved with their disappearance, the investigation continues in an abandoned hospital, where we had one hour to delve into this claustrophobic setting to investigate the mystery.

The Apartment was the most thrilling and engaging game we played in our first trip to Singapore. We could not leave without finding out more. We needed to enter The Hospital.

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Stranger Things: Kotaku Australia online puzzle hunt

logoEdit note: This post has been edited as the puzzle competition ended on 11 Aug.

Location: Kotaku Australia
Launch date: 19 July 2016
Ended: 11 August 2016

One of our friends recently alerted us to a team up between Kotaku Australia  and Enigma Room from Sydney where they released six puzzles from 19 July to 6 August to promote Netflix’s new series Stranger Things. People who solved the ‘final boss’ metapuzzle had a chance to win $6000 worth of prizes from Netflix.

This was an interesting series of puzzles which included a mixture of basic encryption, observation and knowledge of computer games, particularly those from Nintendo, to break through the layers. The third puzzle was particularly punishing. All of them combined reminded me more of ‘easy’ level puzzles found in hacker challenges like those from DEFCON rather than the sort you see in an escape room.

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