Escaping around Australia

Here you will find a list of Escape Rooms / live adventures we have played during our trips around Australia. Are you planning a holiday or looking for a room near your place? This page may help you!

Total Rooms played in Australia: 77
Total Rooms played globally: 124
Total Rooms successfully escaped: 112

Rooms in Australia


Escape Hunt Experience Adelaide
Murder at the Winery
Spy on the Beach (review)
The Collector’s Curse (review)

Escape Room Treasure Hunt
Escape the Past (Fringe Festival 2017 – review)


Riddle Room
Nightmare Room (review)
The Dungeon (review)
The Bomb Defusal (review) *retired*

Escape Rooms Canberra
Mr. Keller’s Magic Emporium (review)
House on the Hill (review)

Expedition Escape Rooms
Da Vinci’s Secrets (review)
Mission: Identity (review)

Central Coast

Escape Rooms Central Coast
Espionage (review)

Gold Coast

Escape Hunt Experience Gold Coast
Kidnapped on the Beach (review) *retired*
Murder in the Cellar (review)
Heist in the Art Gallery (review) *retired*
The Lost Weapon


Escape Hunt Experience Melbourne
The Tram Bomb Heist  (review) *retired*
Secrets of the Brewery (review)
Abduction in the Graveyard (review) *retired*
Law and Disorder

Escape Room Melbourne
Escape Room Flemington (review)
Kellar’s Magic Emporium (review)
Mine Escape (review)
Surveillance: Division 5 (review)

Burlesque (review)
Amnesia (review)

LXM Escape Room *venue closed*
The Watson Conspiracy
The Mason Mystery
The Mason Kidnapping

Orz Escape
The Vanished Carnivale (review)
Endless Dream (review)
Secret Invitation (review)

Pop Up Playground
Small Time Criminals (review) *retired*
Room Service (review)

Rush Escape Game
Da Vinci Down Under (review)
Mission: Possible (review)
Lost in Paradise (review)

Trapt Bar & Escape Rooms
Prison Break (review) *retired*
Prohibition (review)
Madhouse (with Lantern Ghost Toursreview)

Apartment 73 (review)
Laboratorium (review)
Project Indigo (review)


Unexpected Exit
The Deranged Scientist (review)
The Terror Cell (review)
Blast Radius (review)


Escape Hunt Experience Perth
Murder in the Tavern (review)
Poisoning in the Café (review)
Escape from the Prison *retired*
Escape from the Mine

Realmz Escape Game
Curse of the Mummy (review)

Time’s Up Escape Room
The Pursuit (review)

Ultimate Roomscape
Kidnapped (review)
Viral Outbreak (review)
The Lost Scepter of Tutankhamun (review soon)
Pipeline – Red vs Blue (review soon)


Da Vinci (review)
Cleopatra (review)

CT Adventure
MU-T (review)
The Witch

Enigma Room
Dr Disaster (review)
In Memoriam (review)

Escape Hunt Experience Sydney
Robbery in the Cottage (review)
Extortion in the Dockyard (review)
Murder in the Pub *retired escape room*
Assassin in the Pub
Secret Service Mission

Escape Room 51
Escape Room 51 (Review)

EXITUS (formerly Escapism)
The Garden (review)
Butcher’s Burrow

Labyrinth Escape Rooms
Insane Asylum (review)
Mad Scientist (review)
Mexican Cartel (review)

Mission Room Escape
Vampire Castle (review)
Dr. M (review)
The Lost Mine
The Last Order

Next Level Escape
Ex Libris (review)
Blitz Room *retired*

Abandoned Military Bunker on The Rocks (review)
Supercell 117 (review)
Sen3es (review)

ParaPark Sydney
9A Gateway (review)
Crime Scene 95 (review)

Social Escape 
Paris Escape (review)
Baker Street Mystery (review)